Bringing Karma to Great Heights

Bringing Karma to the greatest heights.

Anthony “Mic” McClaren is a Karma member who marches to the beat of his own drum and controls his destiny.  A litigation attorney in Los Angeles, it often comes as a surprise to many to learn that Anthony McClaren is also very dedicated and accomplished rock, ice, and mountain climber.  Anthony has climbed the Atlas range in Morocco, the Pyrenes range in Spain, the Rocky Mountain range in Colorado, and most recently climbed in the Southern Andes range in Peru.  Always training for various climbing objectives, Anthony regularly climbs rock and ice in the Sierra Nevada range, as well as in and around the Los Angeles basin.

Recently, Anthony traveled to Peru and climbed Nevado Coropuna, the highest volcano in the country at a respectable 21,079 feet, and also one of the highest peaks in South America.  He did so under the sponsorship of Karma International.  In training for the climb, Anthony, accompanied by his wife and climbing companion Nancy O’Brien, traveled through the southern portions of the country for 18 days, taking in the sights and enjoying the culture, but also training at very high elevations in preparation for the climb.  After landing in Cusco, Peru, traveling through Machu Picchu, climbing Putucusi Mountain, and traveling to Lake Titicaca, Anthony headed west to Arequipa, Peru, to make his summit bid on the “Apu” of Nevado Corpouna.

Following a respectable 5 day climb, Anthony stood atop of Nevado Coropuna at 8:15 am on October 8, 2014, bringing with him the Karma Flag and sharing Karma at the highest levels.

When did you join Karma?  What brought you to Karma?

I joined Karma in October 2013.  I owe my wife a great deal of recognition and support for suggesting I consider membership.  She is savvy and a great partner, and she knew the organization would be a great opportunity for philanthropy and networking.  I was initially drawn to Karma for its ideals, image, and brand.  However, following the relationships I made with Robert Golden, Eric Stotz, Marvin Epstein, Paul Reder, and Charles Campbell, I knew it was the right place for me.

Tell us a little about your law career (education, practice, etc.)

I run my own civil litigation practice, focusing on small business litigation, employment litigation, and some personal injury and workers compensation matters.  I attended law school at the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in Sacramento, California, and have been practicing law since 2004.  I am admitted to practice in California, New York, and the US Supreme Court.  I can be distinguished as an attorney because I truly understand the art of counseling and how psychology and sociology are interrelated and so important to complete representation of a person in a legal crisis. 

One of your passions is rock climbing.  When did you start and what made you engage in such a risky sport?

I have been climbing something, anything, for as long as I can remember.  When I was 7, I remember climbing up rain gutter pipes on 3 story buildings, as well as climbing trees, fences, anything that could be climbed.  I also grew up in Colorado for a few years, and love the presence and power of the mountains.

I can trace my modern climbing career to when I traveled in Switzerland in 2003.  A burly Swiss man challenged me to summit a 10,000 foot mountain, and following an 8 hour day and some very badly blistered feet, I was hooked.  I returned to Sacramento and began to climb under the tutelage of my mentor, who taught me all disciplines of climbing in the Lovers Leap and Desolation Wilderness areas of the Northern Sierra Nevada range.

I climb because it gives me freedom.  I have a lot on my mind, all the time, but as soon as I begin climbing anything, I focus only on my climb.  It has to be that way; the risks of losing your focus can cost you your life!  I also feel rejuvenated and able to attempt anything else after I complete a climb.

Can you tell us about your most memorable climb?

My most memorable climb was when I solo climbed Split Mountain, elevation roughly 14,255 feet, with a picture of my Mom, who was on her death bed at the time of the climb, on August 7, 2009.  I dedicated the mountain to my Mom, completed a 16 hour solo climbing day, and drove 12 more hours to say good bye to Mom, who died 2 days later at the age of 52.

Have you had any dangerous incidents while climbing?

All climbers have 9 climbers lives, and I am down to 6.  My other most memorable climbs are the ones where I have come the closest to failing, and failing in climbing carries with it the highest consequences.

In April 2013, I was involved in what’s known as a “self-rescue” of my partner, 400 vertical feet off the deck, following some serious miscommunication and misunderstandings.  I had never been involved in such an event, and did not really have the training to attempt the rescue.  So, I exhausted 2 of my climbing lives that day, because with hindsight I engaged in risks that could have been fatal, and could also have been avoided.  I have the benefit of “experience” now, from that day and a couple of others, and I continue marching forward and pushing the envelope as hard as I am able.

I also almost took a fatal fall while ice climbing in 2012, which cost me a climbers life as well.

Karma sponsored your climb to Nevado Coropuna, outside of Arequipa, Peru. Can you tell us about that?  Who else climbed with you? What made you choose this destination? 

Often my climbing objectives are borne from other non-climbing related factors.  For this climb, Nancy wanted to see Machu Picchu, and as we were traveling to Peru, I decided we must also climb a worthy objective.  Ultimately I settled on Nevado Coropuna for its height, remote location, and geographic convenience.  I also am interested in climbing much higher than 21,000 feet, so I was curious how I would perform at this altitude.

I planned to summit Coropuna without the benefit of any sponsorship.  However, a few months before the climb, I reached out to Robert Golden and mentioned what I was doing, and how it might bring some Karma to Karma, to have its image brought to the summit of Coropuna.  Bobby “convened the council” and the idea was well received.  Eric Stotz had a massive Karma Flag made, and also gave me a very long (and ultimately very cumbersome) pole to hoist the flag, and I carried the flag and pole with me as we backpacked through Peru.

Coropuna is located about 150 miles north of Arequipa, the largest city in the southern part of Peru.  In order to reach the mountain, you travel 12 hours by 4x4 vehicle, to a very remote location, and are dropped off at the first base camp of the climb.  We were accompanied by a local guide, Angel, as well as porters Teo and Paul.  We established Camp 1 at 15,000 feet (pretty high start, but no complaints here) and the following day proceeded to Camp 2, elevation 17,500 feet.  At that level we were in glacial territory, and performing well.

At Camp 2, we rested for a few hours, and at 11pm on October 7, we began gearing up for the summit.  We did not have the luxury of much sleep before we began our ascent.  We disembarked from Camp 2 and started climbing at 1am on October 8, and watched the sun rise as we made our way up the mountain.  I considered the terrain to not be too terribly technical, but it did require crampon use, roped in climbing, and was being done in very cold weather at high altitude.  I estimate the temperature was at its coldest  -20F.

My wife had some major issues with her hands being cold, and even after I gave her my inner gloves she was having many difficulties, so she began her descent after achieving a respectable 20,400 feet.  She descended with Angel, the guide, and I pushed on with the porter, Paul.  Paul and I gained the summit at about 8:15 am, and following a few pictures we began our descent.  I felt very strong  on the summit, and was very proud to stand on Coropuna and put up the Karma flag.

We descended back to Camp 2, broke camp and descended down to Camp 1, and were picked up and shuttled back to Arequipa, following another 12 hours, arriving at 11pm on October 8.  So, we were in motion for 24 hours, and it was a long day.  Climbing is often not just about the climb; it’s the logistics, the food poisoning, the inevitable mistakes which are made, the delays, the dangers, and the long days.  In this case, I’m happy to say we made it back safely.

Any other interesting facts about you that you would like to share with other Karma members?

I played football in high school, and then rugby in college and law school.  I lived in Italy when I was a teenager and moved around the world, and as such I adjust easily to most social situations.  I am an American, through and through, but my heritage is Scottish and German.  I have traveled to the place where the name McClaren (and yes, McLaren the car) originate, and I met the current chief of Clan McLaren.

How would people describe you?

I suppose in a few words I would be described as resilient, honorable, ambitious, decisive, eccentric, moody, and layered.

What is your mantra?

Play hard, play to win, but play fair.  Never give up.  Always remain humble.  Stand by your word.  Treat the environment with respect.  Everything in moderation.  Avoid greed.

Where will you climb in the future? For any charities? 

I plan to climb the seven highest points on every continent (known as the “Seven Summits”), without supplemental oxygen, and though I don’t yet know the charity, will do so to bring awareness to environmental causes.

Naughty or Nice Holiday Party

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…and Hanukkah…and Kwanzaa which means that the countdown for the fun holiday parties is on.  We’re not talking cheesy Santa decorations or ugly Christmas sweater parties.  We, at Karma, have so much to celebrate since we’ve been so good all year long.  Now it’s time to celebrate our naughty side this holiday season.  So you won’t want to miss out on the upcoming Naughty or Nice Karma Holiday Party on December 13, 2014 at the Shady Canyon Estate in Irvine.  We are grateful to Karma Member Steven Spear for hosting this year’s holiday party and opening up his estate for all our members to celebrate together.

This is going to be the coolest holiday-themed bash in town and Karma wants to know if you’ve been naughty or nice, if you’ve been an angel all year long or if you’ve been a little devilish. Karma is once again setting the standard for an over the top, sexy glam evening to get everyone in the holiday spirit.  Come and enjoy some real holiday spirits and cocktails served by expert mixologists and savor an assortment of appetizing gourmet food and indulgent desserts. Be prepared to dance the night away to great music, get mesmerized by sexy performers, and have fun in the on-site photo booths.  Be careful, there may be proof of how naughty you really are!  This is one party that you won’t forget.

While we are enjoying and reveling, let’s also keep with the holiday spirit of giving.  We may be used to receiving all year long, but this is the time to give, so Karma will be collecting donations and new, unwrapped toys for the Marconi Foundation for Kids.  The annual toy drive provides children of all ages with presents for the holidays due to your generosity.

So be sure to join Karma at the Naughty or Nice Holiday Party, because Karma is making a list and checking it twice, and we want you to be on it.  Tis’ the season to be thankful, so let’s get elfed up and party!

Karma Gives Back

As one of Karma’s core principles, we generously help noble philanthropic causes and the Corazon De Vida charity is one that we love supporting. We are inviting Karma Members and friends to join our third annual orphanage visit to Corazon De Vida Orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico on Saturday, December 6th. This incredible event is a great opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life by playing and interacting with the underprivileged orphans. For the last two years, we have been able to make just a little impact on these kids life, but they sure made an impact on ours. “Karma’s visit to the orphanage last year was a truly rewarding experience” said Marvin Epstein. Karma Members contributed both time and monetary donations, but the smile on the children’s faces was what mattered most. We are offering this experience again because it made such an impression on our hearts and we want to share with our fellow Karma Members.

This year, we plan on taking a tour of the orphanage, doing arts and crafts, playing soccer, board games or hide-and-seek, singing songs, and other activities just to have fun with the kids who range from two months of age to 17 years old. Our visit is something that the kids look forward to and it gives them an opportunity to enjoy carefree and spirited company. Often the kids will entertain us by preparing a show of song and dance as a show of their gratitude.

Space is limited and availability is on a first-come basis, so make sure to RSVP and register to make your $150 donation to confirm your spot. Donations help support the orphanage and provide the kids with three warm meals a day, as well as the opportunity to have an education. Don’t miss out on this heartwarming opportunity to help an orphan be a child again.

Quality, Not Quantity

Every human being has an essential need for belonging. Without this need we would live in isolation and may end up with feelings of emptiness or depression. Some people may know everyone in town yet they are not satisfied so they are looking to expand their social connections. As humans, we have a need to belong and it is essential that this need is satisfied; if not our whole life will be affected.

Some do this by establishing superficial relationships while never having a deep and intimate connection which leaves a level of not being satisfied. With each new superficial relationship they tend to feel more and more alone.

Socializing and building long-lasting, trusting relationships takes time. And it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. So if someone has hundreds of friends, they can still feel lonely if the relationship wasn’t based on a commonality. People’s need to belong can be satisfied by being part of a social network or a group, such as Karma International.

At Karma International, the exclusive club / social group, members have grown to become lifetime friends by developing true and lasting relationships. This is due to the structure and ideals of Karma International. At Karma, a brotherhood (and sisterhood) is developed by connecting at a variety of social events and also working together on philanthropic initiatives. Members are chosen carefully. Not just anyone will be accepted to be a member. Current members are professionals who have integrity and are like-minded and successful. The members that are chosen to be part of Karma end up being lifetime members and acquaintances mature and develop into great friendships. 

At Karma it really is about quality, not quantity. Karma members feel like they belong to a community where they belong.  If you are interested in building a real social network with ideals similar to yours, Karma International may be the group for you.

Exclusive Social Organization

When entrepreneurs want to start a business or new venture, they need to build relationships and get a lot of advice along the way. This includes tips about how to prepare for the twists and turns of entrepreneurship and ways to connect with high-profile business contacts to further success and generate revenue.  The bottom line is successful entrepreneurs do what it takes to be successful.

Reaching fiscal goals and attaining wealth has its benefits – for some that means having more toys and new gadgets. Then there is the concern about making time to socialize because there is no time to waste for a successful person.  Successful people have limited time, which becomes their most precious resource.  They don’t have time to chit chat or make small talk or support uneventful causes.  So what do successful people do for fun?

When entrepreneurs want to socialize, they look to Karma International to build relationships. When having all the toys is not enough, you are ready for Karma International.  Karma International raises the bar for socializing and the common denominator is exclusivity.  There is no other exclusive social organization that allows for like-minded individuals to network socially and professionally the way that Karma does it.  Karma members come from all walks of life and are business leaders, experts and philanthropists.  However, to obtain membership to Karma’s legendary events including mansion parties, yacht socials and fundraisers, one needs to be an established and successful business executive who knows how to enjoy the finer things in life and who has ties to philanthropic initiatives.

If you’ve reached an established level of success, but find that you are lacking valuable relationships with people in your league, then Karma may be the answer for you.  If you find that you do have all the finer things in life, but you don’t have the social network you would like to enjoy them with, then we should talk!

An Evening at the Magic Castle

Join Karma International for a truly magical evening November 19th at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood.  The iconic Magic Castle is a private, exclusive club which is home to great magicians and magic acts that are sure to intrigue, mystify and wow you.  Only magicians or members of the Magic Castle can gain admittance, but Karma International has done some magic of our own to gain special access to this upscale club.

You’ll need to know the secret phrase, “Open Sesame”, to enter the club and once you’re in, the fun begins. The tricks are amazing, the vibe is opulent and reminiscent of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland,  and you can even hear the famous piano play itself (or is it by Irma the ghost?), so get ready for this extra special treat.

Come see what’s in store at this beautiful and unique one hundred year-old Victorian mansion as you are invited to arrive two hours early to explore the mysteries and surprises of the Magic Castle.  Karma members are invited to this special evening of fun and elegant dinner to celebrate all that we have to be thankful for.  Your night will include five different magic shows in three different showrooms. Admission and dinner, served promptly at 8PM, is $99 per person.  Please make note that dress code for the club is strictly enforced, suit & tie for gentlemen and cocktail attire for ladies.

Don’t miss out on this night of grand illusion.  Make sure to act quickly since reservations are limited.  Members are invited with one guest only to this event.

Karma Style Philanthropy

Karma International isn't only an exclusive networking member-only organization known for great social events and networking. Karma is also socially responsible by supporting a number of important causes.  One of the core beliefs at Karma is giving back.  After all, at Karma what goes around, comes around.  With philanthropy on the agenda, Karma members have found meaningful ways to pay-it-forward and direct their good karma to those in need.  At Karma International you will find exclusive networking, with an inclusive heart.  Members work together to identify their philanthropic passions in order to support various thoroughly vetted charities.

At the same, members experience meaningful opportunities while giving back.  Members have warm hearts and feel good about generating awareness, supporting important causes, and touching lives by raising thousands of dollars for charity.  Anyone can donate money to a cause, but Karma members volunteer to make an impact in their community and they truly care about the charity.

For most major Karma International events, a philanthropic cause is chosen to benefit from the proceeds of the event. Causes include autism awareness, AIDS research, breast cancer and other health issues, pediatric health causes, veteran affairs, disaster relief, and much more.  Charities are often repeat beneficiaries of Karma's generosity.  The good deeds and support include financial contributions to AIDS Walk LA, Komen Foundation, Generation Rescue, The Buddy Program, March of Dimes, STAR Education, Children's Hospital of Orange County, and the list goes on. 

Members have found that the power of giving back is a wonderful thing to do for others in need, but it also bonds the members of Karma.  By sharing a philanthropic cause, members have grown together to help make the community just a little bit better one social event at a time.  There is more in our hearts to give back, so join Karma International exclusive networking today to be a part of our philanthropic efforts.

Karma Brand Speaks For Itself

There are other exclusive member-only organizations in the world with prominent members but Karma International stands apart.  Karma International is a brand that has become distinct from other organizations with its exclusivity and success speaking for itself.  The awareness of Karma International in the social networking community allows people to recognize the brand and connect Karma to its over-the-top, unique member-only social events, the community involvement and philanthropic undertakings of which members are a part.

As one would expect from an elite organization, access is limited.  Karma provides membership to certain individuals that meet the criteria for the organization.  Access to Karma’s events and social gatherings can be granted by applying to the organization and if accepted based on certain criteria, a fee has to be paid annually.   Current Karma members often recommend people in their professional and social networks to apply as well.  This is how the organization stays true to its mission by inviting like-minded, influential professionals who enjoy revelry and are dedicated to supporting philanthropic and environmental causes.

That said, at Karma, access is only part of the experience.   Beyond access, Karma members are able to network, build relationships and get connected with other successful members worldwide.  These connections have become sources of professional growth and personal camaraderie.  Together, members enjoy the social scene, give back to society, and take part in the pleasures of life.

High Yield Social Investment

Private network is a high-yield social investment. Perhaps you can guarantee a monthly income for life with an income annuity, but can you guarantee friendships for life?  You may have every cool thing money can buy, but do you have true friendships?  Do you have a network of peers who you jive with and can count on?  Karma International, the exclusive organization that connects successful and high-level members around the world, can change your social life.  Members of Karma International are individuals with a pay-it-forward minded attitude and are dedicated to philanthropy, environmental preservation, as well as the prosperity the world has to offer.  Members are dignified, have good morals, a sense of honor, possess integrity and responsibility. Not anyone can be a Karma Member and join our private networking events.  You must apply and be accepted.  But once one is a member, the benefits are endless.  Karma membership is a small investment to return a lifetime of friendship and abundance.

Karma is a private member organization that empowers members to garner relationships that enrich their professional and social lives via exclusive Karma-produced parties and large-scale events, monthly meet-ups and excursions, roundtables, summits and private networking.  Karma facilitates nonstop fun and everlasting friendships.  Nowhere else in the world will you find a network such as Karma that will allow you to create the lifestyle of your dreams by cultivating lifelong friendships, finding business partners, enjoying one-of-a-kind events, and raising significant amounts of money for philanthropic causes.

If you want to increase the value of your social network and you are looking for private networking, then Karma International is “the” organization to join.  Join the Karma family by becoming a Karma Member and stop missing out on the social life and network of friends you always desired.  It’s Karma, where you pay it forward to get a lifetime annuity of relationships.

Stats on Socializing

Karma International connects and inspires members’ lives across the globe through a large exclusive socializing network.  Karma provides different avenues for members, both old and new, to socialize through exclusive social events such as socials, parties, yachting and sailing events, golf tournaments, masquerades, wine tasting, and other private social events. Everyone can find private social events they are interested in with the variety of events that Karma produces.

Recently, there have been studies done on the U.S. population from 2009 to 2013 to assess how many hours per day people spent on socializing and communicating.  Not surprisingly, women spent more time socializing then men.  In 2013, 34% of men were engaged in socializing and communication daily, compared to 39.5% of women.  Women spent 0.78 hours per day communicating and socializing compared to men who spent 0.65 hours per day.

The study also evaluated Americans ages 25 years and older who participate in leisure activities sorted by their level of education. In 2013, people with less than a high school diploma spent an average of 6.29 hours a day on leisure activities, whereas people with a bachelor’s degree and higher spent 4.57 hours a day on leisure activities.  Of course, this makes sense as we know that professionals with higher degrees earn more and work more hours. However, there always needs to be time for socializing.

Karma International allows for like-minded individuals to network socially and professionally.  Karma wants everyone to come and join the fun with the current members who are entrepreneurs and executives from all walks of life, including business leaders, adventurers, experts and philanthropists.  Exclusive social events and philanthropic initiatives connect the 'right' people.

Join Karma International at social engagements throughout the year in various cities to connect to others and enjoy life. It’s Karma…don’t just work hard, play hard too!