Karma Brand Speaks For Itself

There are other exclusive member-only organizations in the world with prominent members but Karma International stands apart.  Karma International is a brand that has become distinct from other organizations with its exclusivity and success speaking for itself.  The awareness of Karma International in the social networking community allows people to recognize the brand and connect Karma to its over-the-top, unique member-only social events, the community involvement and philanthropic undertakings of which members are a part.

As one would expect from an elite organization, access is limited.  Karma provides membership to certain individuals that meet the criteria for the organization.  Access to Karma’s events and social gatherings can be granted by applying to the organization and if accepted based on certain criteria, a fee has to be paid annually.   Current Karma members often recommend people in their professional and social networks to apply as well.  This is how the organization stays true to its mission by inviting like-minded, influential professionals who enjoy revelry and are dedicated to supporting philanthropic and environmental causes.

That said, at Karma, access is only part of the experience.   Beyond access, Karma members are able to network, build relationships and get connected with other successful members worldwide.  These connections have become sources of professional growth and personal camaraderie.  Together, members enjoy the social scene, give back to society, and take part in the pleasures of life.