Quality, Not Quantity

Every human being has an essential need for belonging. Without this need we would live in isolation and may end up with feelings of emptiness or depression. Some people may know everyone in town yet they are not satisfied so they are looking to expand their social connections. As humans, we have a need to belong and it is essential that this need is satisfied; if not our whole life will be affected.

Some do this by establishing superficial relationships while never having a deep and intimate connection which leaves a level of not being satisfied. With each new superficial relationship they tend to feel more and more alone.

Socializing and building long-lasting, trusting relationships takes time. And it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. So if someone has hundreds of friends, they can still feel lonely if the relationship wasn’t based on a commonality. People’s need to belong can be satisfied by being part of a social network or a group, such as Karma International.

At Karma International, the exclusive club / social group, members have grown to become lifetime friends by developing true and lasting relationships. This is due to the structure and ideals of Karma International. At Karma, a brotherhood (and sisterhood) is developed by connecting at a variety of social events and also working together on philanthropic initiatives. Members are chosen carefully. Not just anyone will be accepted to be a member. Current members are professionals who have integrity and are like-minded and successful. The members that are chosen to be part of Karma end up being lifetime members and acquaintances mature and develop into great friendships. 

At Karma it really is about quality, not quantity. Karma members feel like they belong to a community where they belong.  If you are interested in building a real social network with ideals similar to yours, Karma International may be the group for you.