Karma Style Philanthropy

Karma International isn't only an exclusive networking member-only organization known for great social events and networking. Karma is also socially responsible by supporting a number of important causes.  One of the core beliefs at Karma is giving back.  After all, at Karma what goes around, comes around.  With philanthropy on the agenda, Karma members have found meaningful ways to pay-it-forward and direct their good karma to those in need.  At Karma International you will find exclusive networking, with an inclusive heart.  Members work together to identify their philanthropic passions in order to support various thoroughly vetted charities.

At the same, members experience meaningful opportunities while giving back.  Members have warm hearts and feel good about generating awareness, supporting important causes, and touching lives by raising thousands of dollars for charity.  Anyone can donate money to a cause, but Karma members volunteer to make an impact in their community and they truly care about the charity.

For most major Karma International events, a philanthropic cause is chosen to benefit from the proceeds of the event. Causes include autism awareness, AIDS research, breast cancer and other health issues, pediatric health causes, veteran affairs, disaster relief, and much more.  Charities are often repeat beneficiaries of Karma's generosity.  The good deeds and support include financial contributions to AIDS Walk LA, Komen Foundation, Generation Rescue, The Buddy Program, March of Dimes, STAR Education, Children's Hospital of Orange County, and the list goes on. 

Members have found that the power of giving back is a wonderful thing to do for others in need, but it also bonds the members of Karma.  By sharing a philanthropic cause, members have grown together to help make the community just a little bit better one social event at a time.  There is more in our hearts to give back, so join Karma International exclusive networking today to be a part of our philanthropic efforts.