Stats on Socializing

Karma International connects and inspires members’ lives across the globe through a large exclusive socializing network.  Karma provides different avenues for members, both old and new, to socialize through exclusive social events such as socials, parties, yachting and sailing events, golf tournaments, masquerades, wine tasting, and other private social events. Everyone can find private social events they are interested in with the variety of events that Karma produces.

Recently, there have been studies done on the U.S. population from 2009 to 2013 to assess how many hours per day people spent on socializing and communicating.  Not surprisingly, women spent more time socializing then men.  In 2013, 34% of men were engaged in socializing and communication daily, compared to 39.5% of women.  Women spent 0.78 hours per day communicating and socializing compared to men who spent 0.65 hours per day.

The study also evaluated Americans ages 25 years and older who participate in leisure activities sorted by their level of education. In 2013, people with less than a high school diploma spent an average of 6.29 hours a day on leisure activities, whereas people with a bachelor’s degree and higher spent 4.57 hours a day on leisure activities.  Of course, this makes sense as we know that professionals with higher degrees earn more and work more hours. However, there always needs to be time for socializing.

Karma International allows for like-minded individuals to network socially and professionally.  Karma wants everyone to come and join the fun with the current members who are entrepreneurs and executives from all walks of life, including business leaders, adventurers, experts and philanthropists.  Exclusive social events and philanthropic initiatives connect the 'right' people.

Join Karma International at social engagements throughout the year in various cities to connect to others and enjoy life. It’s Karma…don’t just work hard, play hard too!