Marvin Epstein   Executive Vice President

Marvin Epstein
Executive Vice President

Marvin Epstein is an accomplished serial entrepreneur. As the founder and president of the private equity firm I.A.T. Capital, his areas of success include sports, entertainment, film financing, and new media technology. In 2005, Marvin became a principal and partner of Karma. He has created a platform of services and strategic partners for the member-only organization, including the development of numerous charity, hospitality and media relationships. Marvin has raised awareness and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a variety of deserving non-profit organizations. As a board member of several charities and an experienced public speaker, his goal is to inspire fellow entrepreneurs and future leaders about unique and effective business strategies that will benefit charities while improving the lives of others. His passion is to positively impact the world and lay the groundwork for a better overall environment.