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Karma International is an exclusive private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional & inspirational individuals both socially & professionally. We are a collective of leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and adventurers who share and expand our spheres of influence. 

We find that though our organization thrives off of its gatherings, the real secret to success is our members. The purpose of the Featured Member of the Month is for our members to be informed about each other's backgrounds and about their incredible work and dedication inside and outside of Karma. 


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Current Featured Member


Josef Hadeed, MD, FACS, Plastic Surgeon at Josef Hadeed MD INC and South Beach Plastic Surgery, Principal 3rdGP Financial

Karma Member Since: 2015

Dr. Josef Hadeedis an accomplished double-board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon. His primary office is in Beverly Hills, CA and he also maintains medical practices in Miami, FL and Abu Dhabi, UAE. He specializes in body contouring and breast procedures but dedicates a large part of his practice to gender affirming procedures and is highly regarded as one of the top gender affirmation surgeons in the country.  

Extremely well-respected in the medical community, Josef has received several high-level medical awards and two highly prestigious research grants. He is published in numerous acclaimed medical journals and has been invited to lecture at national and international meetings, as well as many respected university surgery training programs. He is an active member of several prestigious medical societies and currently serves as Co-Chair of the Public Education Committee in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

He is also actively involved with several high-profile business ventures outside of his medical practice.  He serves as a physician advisor for a revenue cycle management company that will incorporate artificial intelligence technology into the claims process for medical practices and hospitals, acts as a consultant for a global health care initiative, is designing a first-of-its-kind electronic health records system and is a principal for a revolutionary next-generation payment processing company.

Josef is currently the President of the Karma Los Angeles Chapter.

Previous Featured Members

Andrea Albright.jpeg

Andrea Albright, Author, Thought Leader, and CEO of Beverly Hills Publishing Firm

Karma Member Since: 2018

Andréa Albright discovered the power of the right word at the right time when she won the game show Wheel of Fortune at 23 years old. She didn’t know it yet, but words were her calling and would ultimately point her towards her destiny. She is the CEO and Founder of Beverly Hills Publishing Firm that publishes thought leaders who are ready to create a movement. 

Andréa has authored dozens of books, generated a worldwide audience in over 40 countries with over 10million+ YouTube views and thousands of success stories. “Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine” recognized her as a thought leader on the cover of their 21st Anniversary edition, and she has a product line with QVC in production. 

Andréa joined Karma because she knew that it was time. She has been following Karma for almost ten years, and always knew that when she was ready to find a deeper meaning for her mission, Karma was the organization to bring significance to her legacy. 

Her expertise and passion to bring more thought leaders into Karma has prompted to her to spearhead new initiatives.

mike modro.jpg

Michael Modro, CEO & Entrepreneur, Italian Custom Imports, Established 46

Karma Member Since: 2016

MICHAEL MODRO is an Orange County based businessman with an eye for luxury and a flair for adventure. As a long-time entrepreneur and former Olympic athlete, Modro is a master of integrating hardworking business practices with a commitment to bold, adventurous ideas. Italian Custom Imports, Modro’s interior design firm and his luxury clothing line, Established 46, are just the latest enterprises for Modro who began his career during his years in college. Modro was born in Idaho to Polish parents and spent much of his childhood in Vienna, Austria. It was during his youth amongst Vienna’s timeworn streets that Modro discovered his love for aesthetic elegance and decided to pursue his passion for business. Soon after, Modro became a student at California State University, Long Beach, where he enjoyed a career as a professional ice skater. It was also during this time that Modro began cultivating his entrepreneurial talents by starting his own insurance company, which he continued to operate before graduating from CSULB with his degree in finance. Since then, Modro has had a hand in every cookie jar - from luxury decor to business consultation to manufacturing and distribution. In recent years, he’s devoted his time to raising the bar on clothing industry standards by improving local manufacturing practices. Modro’s exceptional expertise in business development is marked by the quality leadership that stems from a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience. But behind this businessman’s professional exterior is a dog-loving, island-hopping traveler with a generous spirit and the wherewithal to help his fellow humans. Despite being the dynamo behind his many business ventures, Modro still finds time to indulge his love for adventure; as an avid kite-surfer, he likes to spend his free time travelling the tropics in search of the perfect ocean breeze. His volunteerism and philanthropic work affirm what you might suspect from his winning smile.. a man of many talents and a heart of gold.


John Bazzo, Global Manager, Cintas First Aid

Karma Member Since: 2017

JOHN BAZZO is currently the Global Manager for Cintas First Aid and has more than 12 years of experience in Sales Leadership and Operations, eventually achieving an Outstanding Achievement Award and multiple President’s Club Awards. He is also a Corporate Faculty Instructor that helps teach Corporate Culture and Sales Training courses to all new employees. John recently graduated from UCLA Anderson with an Executive Masters of Business Administration and Dual Mastery Certificates in Entrepreneurial Studies and Global International Management. While on campus, John was the UCLA Anderson President and is an acting member of the Anderson Board of Advisors.  John is also the owner of The Finest Model Talent, a talent staffing agency that helps provide models, dancers, and event staff to multiple venues. John entered the agency business after going on tour with a traveling Bachata and Salsa show team and performing in ballroom dancing showcases across the world. In John’s spare time, he enjoys traveling the world and experiencing everything life has to offer. 


Barbara Noerenberg, VP of Corporate Research and Development of Qualcomm Incorporated

Karma Member Since: 2016

BARBARA NOERENBERG is the VP of Corporate Research and Development at Qualcomm Incorporated, a wireless telecommunications company. As an Executive in engineering and management, she has lead diverse teams of professionals in areas of engineering research, product development and partner management. 

On her next list of accomplishments, she is looking forward to expanding her management consulting business and is currently serving on the Board of Advisors for early start-up companies. In addition, she has started a foundation to begin empowering women through STEM education. A recent graduate of the SD Regional Chamber of Commerce Public Leadership Institute, her fascination with politics has also encouraged her recent pursuit in running for public office.

Barbara has volunteered with numerous not-for-profit organizations She is currently serving on the YWCA, Veterans Medical Research Foundation, LEAD San Diego, and Corporate Directors’ Forum Board of Directors.  She is also an active member of Rotary Club 33, the 4th largest Rotary club in the world. 

In her spare time, Barbara is engaging in a few new hobbies including competitive dancing, sculling and is planning to start a winery and vineyard with her adult children. She hopes to be traveling extensively and already planning trips to Alaska and an African Safari in the next several months.

She joined the Karma International organization because she loves all that Karma offers including their generous support of philanthropic organization.


Andy Gitipityapon, Financial Advisor / CEO

Karma Member Since: 2016

ANDY GITIPITYAPON was born and raised in Burbank, Calif. From a young age, his lifelong ambition would be centered on finance and investments. His pursuit of happiness became transparent through the growth of his professional career, driving himself towards inevitable excellence and success. Today, Andy is at the top of his field as a financial advisor, having recently established his own firm after holding esteemed positions within well-known institutions for years. He acted as a mentor and advisor for many others who grew to became as excellent as he was at their craft.

Andy also has a secondary passion for food and the culinary world, thus began a determination to open up many venues of his own. Although he never wanted to become a chef himself, he found the time to enroll in culinary school anyway to learn the skills needed to be successful at it. Then, birthed an exciting hobby of traveling abroad, searching for the best foods and restaurants around. Andy is always seeking to try different, diverse and worldly cuisines and continue to bring back home inspired recipes to try himself.

Andy continues to follow principals of paying it forward leaving behind more than what was received and eventually joined Karma for this exact ethos. Karma puts together highly-driven individuals who like to lend a helping hand to each other, their businesses, and their communities. Andy finds joy in the “Karma life” and continues to support others and their unique skillsets, bringing into fruition the idea of purpose. 

ANDY is currently a Karma Member of Los Angeles Chapter.

Jeff - Head Shot.jpg

JEFF MAHONY, CEO & Founder of SaveDaily, Inc.

Karma Member Since: 2014

JEFF MAHONY was born and raised in the northern agricultural reaches of Orange County, California. His earliest obsession of artificial intelligence led him to a degree in Cognitive Science at UCLA. After graduating from UCLA, Jeff began a daunting and groundbreaking eight-year swath through the Defense and Aerospace Contracting sectors as a global troubleshooter. Hoping to share his investing acumen with a much broader audience, Jeff conceived a business model that allows millions of small investors to take part in opportunities that were previously only available to high net worth individuals. In 1999, Mahony established his own consultancy firm in Southern California, SaveDaily. Thanks to this platform, SaveDaily both encouraged and made it possible for ordinary people to begin the process of financial growth. SaveDaily not only handles over 4,700 banking institutions world-wide, but has increased financial security for countless first time investors. SaveDaily was unquestionably one of the high points of Mahoney's individuated career. 

UBIQUICOIN, his latest venture, aims to spread economic enfranchisement across the globe. With Mahoney's extensive background in the financial services and technology sectors, he is highly noted for his success with UbiquiCoinSaveDaily and the Jeda Group. Jeff’s main goal and reward is to empower millions and help to foster the concealed entrepreneurial talent he saw in himself as a small boy facing large looming obstacles.

JEFF is currently a Karma Member of Los Angeles Chapter.

Nile Photo.jpg

NILE NIAMI, Real Estate Developer

Karma Member Since: 2017

Nile Niami is an ex-movie producer turned mega developer of the country’s most extravagant and elegant mansions with over 30 properties under his  portfolio. His latest project “The One”, is  known as the most expensive  private residence in the United States currently in development in Bel-Air  which will list for $500 million. Nile garnered much attention in 2017 for  creating the most watched real estate trailer in the world for P U , his 

$100 million estate on Beverly Hills “Billionaire’s Row”. Previous works have  sold to the likes of celebrities including Sean Combs ($39 million), the  Winklevoss twins and Floyd Mayweather. Nile’s homes also reap  international attention, selling a home most recently to a Saudi buyer for $49  million. He has been profiled by he New York Time, he Wall Street  Journal,  rchitectural Diges, and was named one of ariety Magazine’s  Real Estate Elite 2018.  


NHI VAN, Owner of  Corpus Christi Medical Aesthetics

Karma Member Since: 2017

MS. NHI VAN holds a Bachelor of Science degree with  a concentration in Criminal Justice from Texas A&M University, and a continued post bachelor's in Chemistry concentrating in Biochemistry with more than 5 years experience in Criminal Justice and Forensic Science.  Furthermore, Ms. Van has assisted in the process of solving several cases for the Corpus Christi Medical Examiner’s office and Corpus Christi Forensic Services. In the years dedicated to the forensic world, Nhi was able to aid and counsel those needing guidance by giving them insight on how to understand and emotionally cope with difficult cases. With a strong affinity and gift for art, Ms. Van evolved her career into medical aesthetics. In 2016, Ms. Van opened Corpus Christi Medical Aesthetics. Nhi has built a company that not only helps her patients feel beautiful, but has given the gift of beauty to the community. Growing up in a humbling childhood, Nhi has always dedicated time when it comes to philanthropy opportunities. As an active member who volunteers her time as a facilitator for the “Look Good, Feel Better” foundation for the American Cancer Society, in which, she found her calling to help individuals cope with life after cancer.  This has motivated Nhi to proudly introduce a foundation to give back to patients who have undergone cancer treatments and trauma patients in her community and the state of Texas. This foundation assists with scar reduction and scar camouflaging for trauma and cancer patients that have had mastectomy procedures to re-pigment their areolas after chemotherapy/radiation treatments. With this new opportunity, Nhi’s hope and dream is to aid trauma and cancer survivors and become a safe haven to help patients close chapters of the past, and bring light to new chapters in their lives through reconstructive art.

In a pursuit of finding a fulfilling path, it is critical to live a life that makes one truly happy and use that ability to spread the joy around you.” – Nhi Van

Katherine Travnicek.jpeg

KATHY TRAVNICEK, Physical Medicine and Pain Management Physician, Speaker, Athlete

Karma Member Since: 2015

KATHERINE TRAVNICEK was born in Nebraska and has since lived all over the country, currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. After training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins School of Medicine for residency and The Cleveland Clinic for fellowship, she is a physical medicine, rehabilitation and pain management physician. In addition to private practice, she lectures at national conferences and internationally for NASS (North American Spine Society).  She is a life-long avid athlete, running Division I cross country at Northwestern University and now competing and placing in ultra marathon races.  Kathy has a goal of doing a 100 mile race in 2019.  Other than running, her leisure activities include traveling all over the world and reading as much as possible.  She will be taking on the exciting new challenge of running her first business in 2018.  She joined Karma to meet successful, business oriented people to expand her network, to learn from others, and spread some Karma love. 

Mel Kurtulus.jpg

DR. MEL KURTULUS, Robotic Surgeon, San Diego Women's Health

Karma Member Since2015

Dr. Mel Kurtulus is one of the pioneers of robotic surgery, who trained with the country’s best surgeons, and after many years of dedication, practice and determination, he joined the ranks as one of the top 23 Epicenter robotic surgeons in the country. Today the medical director of San Diego Women’s Health is recognized worldwide as an expert in pelvic and gynecologic robotic surgery. He also is the first surgeon to perform a single-site robotic surgery in San Diego.

Kurtulus pays it forward by training many other surgeons, both nationally and internationally. He’s even had live broadcast of his surgeries internationally for this purpose. Design and development of medical and surgical tools is his other passion. His company, Matrix HealthTech, has developed a number of surgical tools and now is working on a new device. He is the founder of the nonprofit group named” MIS 4 me,” which is dedicated to increasing the awareness of robotic surgery and other minimally invasive surgical methods, and provides free surgeries to the less fortunate.

Looking forward, Kurtulus says he believes that the robotic surgery field will continue to advance even further with the introduction of better tools and technology.  

BettyAnn's photo.JPG

BETTY ANN GOLDEN, VP of Karma Las Vegas Chapter, Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of Golden Greetings, Inc.

Karma Member Since: 2015

BETTY ANN GOLDEN is an influential entrepreneur nationally recognized for her business acumen, trustworthiness, and interpersonal skills resulting in exceptional outcomes within the fields of business and in the Las Vegas community.  Together with her husband, Bob Golden SR, of 47 years they own Golden Greetings, Inc. (a relationship marketing system. For the past 12 years, they have built a large rewarding community marketing team spanning the globe.

She has written published articles in magazines and is currently writing her first book based on her and Bob’s experiences together over the past 50 years.

Betty Ann is a wife, mother of two sons, grandmother of three, and an accomplished Realtor & Broker of 27+ years. Besides being published, she is an awarded Top Agent & Top Referring Agent between California and Nevada. Betty Ann is currently the Vice President of the Karma Las Vegas Chapter.


ALEX DYES, VP of Acquisitions/Divestitures and Reservoir Engineering at Yuma Energy

Karma Member Since: May 2016

ALEX DYES was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia. In the late 1990’s, Alex moved to the U.S. to pursue his education. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Petroleum Engineering and a Business Certificate from McCombs School of Business from The University of Texas at Austin. Alex has over 10+ years of experience in oil & gas exploration and production, the upstream part of the Energy Business. He has worked in a variety of roles in conventional and unconventional plays, including drilling horizontal wells in Texas, and acting as an Operations and Reservoir Engineer in many of the major plays across the U.S including California, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Alex has worked for multiple large, publicly-traded oil companies such as Chevron and Apache Corporations.

The world oil & gas industry has changed drastically with new horizontal drilling and completion technologies developed within the last decade. Working at these successful corporations has inspired Alex to branch out and become part of the management team of a small cap E&P company, Yuma Energy. At Yuma, Alex serves as the VP of Acquisitions/Divestitures and Reservoir engineering, where he focuses on exploring and finding oil and gas using the latest technologies, as well as making sure we provide energy in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

Currently, Alex serves the Karma Houston Chapter as the Vice President Chapter Leader.

Wendy Salyers

Co-Owner and President
Beauty N Brilliance

Karma Member Since: January 2016

Wendy Salyers is an entrepreneur, born and raised in Southern California, who spent 11 years building her multi-million dollar manufacturing corporation in the Home Furnishings industry. Wendy is known for wearing many hats and handles her demands in family, business, and travel with a passionate and positive attitude.

Currently, she is gearing to launch her latest online project, Brilliance n Beauty, an online shopping experience where women can shop with confidence, be inspired, and connect with other like-minded women in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As a Co-Founder/Owner to the platform, Brilliance n Beauty is the business result of a passion and vision she shares with her Co-Founder, Pam Engstrom.

Through real conversations, educational content, and timeless, unique and practical products women can shop for, Brilliance n Beauty provides women everything they need to enhance and enrich their businesses, careers, leisure time, and life. The platform offers women a one-stop shop offering products that tell a story and features both brand named products along with BNB exclusive finds from other entrepreneurs. Product categories range from lifestyle, beauty, fitness, travel, business and home products. 

Wendy also is very active in her philanthropic projects with Unforgotten Faces, City of Hope, and the American Heart Association.

She joined Karma International to keep her inspired and to engage with like-minded individuals that continue to support and help each other ascend to the top of their game. She truly believes that Karma has helped her stay true to her potential and that "anything is possible."


Jeff Russell

Owner and President of Team Real Estate Alliance at Keller Williams Realty.

Karma Member SinceNovember 2016, Los Angeles Chapter

Jeff, our featured member, was born and raised in Los Angeles. Aside from being a private pilot, Jeff is currently the Owner and President of Team Real Estate Alliance (REA) at Keller Williams Realty, based in Marina del Rey. He has has been in the real estate industry for nearly 20 years. Although Jeff has extensive experience in working with private and portfolio investors and managing several major bank's foreclosure portfolios, Jeff’s true passion is in marketing luxury homes. He has recently formed a real estate expansion team (REA) in partnership with several Keller Williams Realty offices throughout L.A., Orange & Riverside Counties, covering a large portion of Southern California.

Aside from Jeff’s professional life, he enjoys quick trips to Santa Barbara for lunch, unwinding in Las Vegas, snowboarding in Big Bear, and spending quality time with his girlfriend Kelly. He is constantly helping others and sharing his passion with people through volunteering regularly, with his favorite charity organization, Make-a-Wish Foundation. Jeff lives life to the fullest and continues to make the very best of every day for himself and those around him.

Jeff joined Karma to meet and socialize with like-minded individuals that he felt could consolidate common business goals and longtime relationships. 



Nazita Gaff

Notable Dentist and Owner of a laser training institute.

Karma Member Since: January 2016, Karma Orange County Chapter

Dr. Nazita Gaff is an active member of Karma and serves as the Membership Committee Chair for Karma's Orange County Chapter. Dr. Gaff was born in Tehran, Iran and moved to United States in 1985. She attended Huron College (South Dakota) and Suffolk University (Massachusetts) and obtained her doctor of dental medicine degree from Tufts School of Dental Medicine in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Upon graduation, she started her own practice and owned and operated two large dental practices in Massachusetts. In 2007 she moved to Southern California and opened two additional practices in Orange County. Dr. Gaff has an advanced education in the field of dentistry with a special interest in lasers. She co-owns a laser training institute together with her partner, Dr. Brad Labrecque, where they educate and train dentists and dental professionals in the use of lasers in their dental practices. She has been able to combine her passion for dentistry, traveling and helping others by joining 100 Smiles, a non-profit organization, which provides dental care to orphans in El Salvador, and soon in North Korea, Vietnam and Bali as well.

Currently, Nazita serves the Karma Orange County Chapter as the Co-Social Chair.


Carlo Cisco

Founder & CEO of SELECT, a next generation membership community and concierge service.

Karma Member Since: April 2017

Carlo is a serial entrepreneur who launched his first successful business in college, helping bring thousands of customers to local venues throughout Miami. He has helped build and grow companies of all sizes. Most notably, he helped build Groupon Japan, turning it into one of the company's largest and most successful international markets in just two months. He is currently the Founder & CEO of SELECT, a next generation membership community and concierge service that provides access to exclusive events, insider pricing and VIP perks at thousands of premier partners. SELECT partners with top rated local restaurants and nightlife venues as well as premier global brands in travel, retail, entertainment & more. SELECT's 10,000+ members receive exclusive benefits at over 500,000 partner locations. Carlo is frequently featured as an expert on entrepreneurship, investments, business, and marketing in news outlets including Mashable, Forbes, Fox Business, Tech.co, USA Today, TheNextWeb, Entrepreneur, Yahoo!, WSJ, ReadWriteWeb, and Inc. among many others.


Enrique Velez

Karma Member Since: October 2014, Los Angeles Chapter 

Enrique Velez has been a great example of the true sense of Karma. His passion and continued participation in all areas of Karma demonstrates extraordinary dedication.

Enrique contributes to the growth of the chapter by serving as an active member on Karma Los Angeles’ Membership Committee and manages Karma Los Angeles’ Social Media. Enrique’s  loyalty has been a part of his character in all areas of his life. He has 26 years of experience as a senior executive in sales & customer service. His passion for helping others has earned him numerous elite customer service awards.

Born and raised in Texas, Enrique is an avid Cowboys & Lakers fan. He believes that the best investment one can make is in his or her family. For those who have met him and his lovely wife Marlo, you will agree. His favorite charity is Wesimplygive.org. His giving nature towards his fellow Karma members includes inviting them to Laker games, Angel games and even rides on the Goodyear blimp as he is constantly wanting to enjoy fun and memorable experiences with fellow members. Velez says, “Karma is the next step up in life and in living it fuller, by enjoying it more and giving to others.”

Diane Halfman

Founder & Principal of Diane Halfman Academy and Spa Life Retreats - celebrity and industry speaker on organizing your physical spaces for optimal productivity and excellence. 

Karma Member Since: September 2015, San Diego Chapter 

Introduced to Karma by: Satori Mateu

Whether it's de-cluttering an office space for her entrepreneur clients, or creating a SpaLife living space for a full-time mom, Diane helps people to create an ideal environment that supports their goals and inspires them to be at their best.

Diane leans on her diverse credentials to serve her clients with passion and practicality. She's served as a police officer, is an Ultimate Game of Life Certified coach, and holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources Management with an emphasis on structure and systems.

Giving back has always been at the core of Diane's work. 10% of her sales go to charities with a focus on women and children's health issues. Diane has also expanded her charitable reach within Karma by adopting a child through CorazonDeVida.org, as well as participating as a Karma ambassador for C4K.org and co-founding WOK (Women of Karma).

To spread some good Karma, Diane is offering 10% off her signature Clutter to Calm Academy (Use Discount Code KARMA), and 20% off any of her SpaLife retreats.

Diane is also graciously offering a complimentary Clutter to Calm Session for any Karma members ($497 value). Schedule a session here, and be sure to mention KARMA when you book the appointment.

Michael Garwood

Founder & President at the Garwood LLC and Avidus Inc.

Karma Member Since: Aug 2012, Los Angeles Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Marvin Epstein and Mike Costache

Originally from Wisconsin, Michael relocated to Los Angeles in 1998. He remains a devoted Green Bay Packers fan and sports enthusiast. Also an avid traveler, he seems to always be planning his next trip.

As a business owner; his ventures have ranged from men’s fashion to recruitment consulting to organic foods.  In all of his endeavors, he nurtured the idea of building a brand that would provide enough personal resonance to carry his name when The Garwood Wood Watches were born. A series of serendipitous circumstances brought him to spend over a year from conception and development to market debut with just one watch prototype in 2013.  Almost immediately the unconventional use of wood for framing a wristwatch drew interest and attention. Now with 11 styles, the brand continues to draw a consistent following.  Karma members receive 20% off of their purchases at www.thegarwood.com with Promo Code “Karma”

Ankush Aggarwal

Founder & CEO at Northern Planet LLC, PartyBell.comAuraVR.comSpicyLegs.com

Karma Member Since: Jan 2016, Global Chapter (India) 

Introduced to Karma by: Mike Costache

Ankush Aggarwal is a serial entrepreneur based in Chandigarh, which is known as India's best-planned city with 1 million residents. In 2001, Ankush completed his MBA at Pepperdine University (Malibu), and has since started various businesses both in USA & in India, including SpicyLegs.com & PartyBell.com, which specialize in women’s clothing, costumes & party supplies. His Indian company, AuraVR was a pioneer in introducing Virtual Reality products in India and is currently the largest seller of VR products in India. Ankush's other business interests include mobile game development, software development and data collection services.

Considering Halloween is coming up, Ankush would like to spread some karma and offer and offer special discount of 10% to all Karma members on PartyBell.com where you can find a selection of over 5,000 costumes available for immediate delivery. See http://www.partybell.com/topic/karma

david sanders.jpg

David Sanders

Chief Executive Officer at CyberCSI

Member Since: May 2016 / San Diego Chapter 

Introduced to Karma by: Thomas Sparrvik

David Sanders is a successful serial entrepreneur based between Silicon Valley and San Diego. After serving as a consultant to Apple and Hewlett Packard, Mr. Sanders founded cyberCSI in 1993 where he serves as Chairman & CEO. cyberCSI provides IT outsourcing services, cyber security and proprietary cloud software to medium and large-size companies. Mr. Sanders is also an angel investor and is the founder of SXL Media Group which includes digital Properties such as GottaBeMobile.com, MoneyNation.com, MotorReview.com and Notebooks.com. Mr. Sanders supports numerous philanthropic causes and sits on the board of Goodwill Silicon Valley and most recently founded StrengthAndHope.com. Mr. Sanders has lead the effort in raising millions of dollars for outreach to disadvantaged individuals and families struggling with alcohol and drug addiction. He is also a supporter and volunteer at various Veterans of Foreign War events.

david sanders.jpg

Marian Bacol-Uba

Miami Real Estate Advisor at Ocean Insiders

Member Since: June 2015 / Miami Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Keefe Roberts 

Marian Bacol-Uba grew up in Los Angeles and has lived in China, Singapore and the Philippines prior to making Miami her place of residence. She is a real estate advisor, a restaurant consultant, a partner in digital marketing agency and she always finds time to serve Karma's Miami Chapter as its Social Chair, offering innovating events to the local members.

david sanders.jpg

Dan Fleyshman

CEO/Founder of Model Citizen Fund

Member Since: Jan 2008 / Los Angeles Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Marvin Epstein

Dan Fleyshman was the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. As a serial entrepreneur he's sold his energy drinks into 55,000 retail stores, built one of the largest online pokers sites, angel invested into 2 dozen companies and most recently skyrocketed his 1stSlice.com media site to over 300,000,000 page views in under a year. In between all of this, he's managed to release a book last week for entrepreneur's entitled: "How to Set-Up Your Business For Under $1,000" www.buythisbook.com - Dan's true passion is his charity www.modelcitizenfund.org that provides backpacks filled with 150 emergency supply items to the homeless.

david sanders.jpg

Alberto Jimenez Crespo

Principal/Global Portfolio Manager at Aristotle Capita Management

Member Since: Jan 2013 / Los Angeles Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Mike Costache

Alberto Jimenez Crespo is a Principal & Portfolio Manager at Aristotle Capital with $9 billion under management. Previously, Alberto was a Managing Director at Tradewinds Global Investors with $32 billion under management (best performing global fund during the difficult times of 2008-2010). Alberto joined Karma in 2013 and is now working on starting the Karma Chapter in his home city of Madrid, Spain.

Andrew Yakub

CEO/Founder of Rayton Solar

Member Since: Feb 2012 / Los Angeles Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Karma Staff

Andrew is the founder & CEO of Rayton Solar, which has developed a proprietary technology that allows the manufacture of solar panels that are 60% cheaper and 25% more efficient than the market standard. Andrew raised $1.6 Million in angel funding and was featured in "Top 30 Under 30" by Forbes recently.

david sanders.jpg

Keefe Roberts

Principal/Managing Partner of Keefe Roberts & Ass.

Member Since: Dec 2013 / Orange County Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Dylan Marer

Mr. Roberts is the principal and managing partner of Keefe Roberts & Associates, A Professional Law Corporation. His practice focuses on real estate and financial law. Keefe also serves as General Counsel for Karma along with being Membership Chairman for the Karma Orange County chapter.

david sanders.jpg

Marc Puleo

Founder/CEO/Chairman of 1-800-PETMEDS

Member Since: Oct 2013 / Miami Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Marvin Epstein

Marc is the Chief Marketing Officer of Karma International and is helping drive expansion in Karma's Miami Chapter. After attending medical school and serving four years of residency training in Cardiac Anesthesiology at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Marc moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and started a private medical practice.

david sanders.jpg

Chuck Horning


Member Since: Feb 2015 / Orange County Chapter

Introduced to Karma by: Eric Stotz

Chuck Horning is a successful entrepreneur and real estate mogul. In 1970, he founded Newport Federal and today his portfolio of investment properties encompasses major commercial properties, ranches in the California and Hawaii, numerous West Coast hotels, as well as winter and summertime resort destinations in Colorado. Chuck invested over $40 million in acquiring and developing Telluride Ski & Golf Resort, which is today one of the preeminent year-round vacation spots in the country. Chuck earned a degree in business in 1966 from Pacific Union College in San Francisco. Outside of his professional pursuits, Chuck Horning enjoys spending time with family at his ranches in California and Hawaii.