Summer Friendships & Fun

Who said that there is only fun in the sun? Go ahead, break the rules and don’t look back.  Wear white after Labor Day and continue to join us at Karma International’s social events even if summer is coming to an end.  After all, we only live once and there is only one Karma.  And the summer sizzle is not over yet with our Karma family.

Southern California is lucky to have the best weather, beaches, restaurants and sight-seeing that others dream of.  We can eat ice cream, wear shorts and enjoy the outdoors all year long.  We have the means and the access to enjoy everything life has to offer, so why must summer soirees come to an end? Karma International is continuing to host exclusive events that will continue to make your social life shine as it did in the summer.  Karma is hosting a wine tasting social in Beverly Hills, a Sports and Exotic Car Rally in San Diego, a BBQ social in Point Loma, a Havana Nights theme party in Los Angeles, and a Bentley/Rolls Royce Social in Beverly Hills in the upcoming month.  Not to mention, the highly anticipated Playboy Mansion Halloween Party is scheduled for October 25th.  Karma has planned a full calendar of exciting events for you to enjoy the social scene and network with like-minded, successful Karma Members.

So break the rules: wear white well into the fall and begin to experience Karma to its fullest, if you haven’t already.  Bring some enjoyment, camaraderie, and action into your life.  Friendships, access, must be Karma.