Members Speak

AJ Bertenshaw CEO & Founder, Serato

AJ Bertenshaw
CEO & Founder, Serato

"People who travel the world know there is no such thing as the perfect location, what people are looking for is a peak experience. Karma’s Events are just that, the right combination of all the elements that make a peak experience – sexy, classy, cool."

Freydel Bushala Owner, Bushala Insurance

Freydel Bushala
Owner, Bushala Insurance

"My business was running smoothly, so I took personal time to build my social life and become a Karma Member. It helped me network and grow, it was the perfect recharge and I can now say I have a great balance in my life. As a Karma Member, I see the value to other female entrepreneurs."

Dan Fleyshman CEO & Founder, Celebvidy

Dan Fleyshman
CEO & Founder, Celebvidy

"I can’t imagine how different the past half a decade of my life would be if I wasn’t a member of Karma. The relationships I’ve built, the deals I’ve closed, the jobs it has created, the experiences I’ve had and the overall feeling of knowing that anything I need is just a phone call away, is literally priceless."

Kevin Stout CEO, Accrete Enterprises

Kevin Stout
CEO, Accrete Enterprises

"I recently relocated to SoCal from a lifetime in the Pacific Northwest. I can’t imagine this transition without the support from my Karma family. Being a member of Karma has provided me with the opportunity to instantly plug into my new community, meet like-minded individuals, create valuable business and social contacts, develop life long friendships and attend exclusive, world class events for a cause. Karma has truly enriched my life and so many others!"