ZACK A. KHAN is a Real Estate Developer headquartered in Houston, Tx. Over the course of his Real Estate career, Zack has accumulated domain knowledge in several segments of the industry including: Commercial Real Estate & Land Brokerage, Land Acquisition & Land Assembly, Property Management & Restructuring of Existing Real Estate. Upon moving to Houston in 2008, Zack noticed where the city was lacking in culture and amenities. With Zack’s expertise and connections, he took it upon himself to do his part to pave the way to a better Houston! Serving as a consultant to many high volume Real Estate players in the city, he has proven the power of his perception when it comes to conceptualizing the current and future development of the City of Houston.

Zack is an avid traveler with an appetite for adventure! He has come to learn that more challenging objectives, often result in greater rewards. He finds this to be true in both his work life and extracurricular interests! He boasts of being a Zen Master, referring to his ability to manage the flow of energy. Zack is a firm believer that “timing" is the key component to executing any new endeavor successfully! It is for this reason that Zack has been dubbed "Social Shaman" by his fellow Chapter Members.

Zack graduated from Chapman University with a B.A. in Business Entrepreneurship. He is the eldest son of immigrant parents who met in Fullerton, California in the 70's. His Father is of Pakistani decent & his Mother is Chinese. Growing up in Southern California in a mix-cultured household helped to set the stage for what the Pakichino become. Unable to fit well into any stereotype, he decided to create his own; and thus the Pakichino was born.

Passionate in his hobbies, Zack as the Pakichino, has found ways to elevate others in order to achieve success as a result of a team effort. He is an expert in building teams and getting goals accomplished through his leadership and management skills. 

"If the people demand a Khan, I will be their Khan.” - The Pakichino

Zack A. Khan currently serves as the Social Chairman to the Karma Houston Chapter.