Women of Karma

Wine & Paint Excursion


sunday, March 25, 2018 @ 12PM-3pm
inspire art wine, costa mesa, CA


The "Women of Karma" (WOK) were excited to be hosting a night of wine, art, and creativity for the ladies, bringing together all female Karma Members and spouses of Karma Members to connect, collaborate, and celebrate on Sunday, March 25, 2018 at Inspired Art Wine in Costa Mesa, CA.

In this technology-driven world of television, social media, and real-time everything at our fingertips, it can be easy to spend our days consuming information and responding to all the digital inputs that bombard our lives. Art offers an outlet and release from that. The mission at Inspired Art Wine is to provide the Women of Karma with a fun and entertaining mini-escape from the demands of life, woman-hood, and motherhood. 

The studio was designed to be a relaxing space where guests can uncork, un-wine (yes, pun intended!), take a deep breath, and discover their creativity. 


W.O.K. events were built to establish camaraderie between our female members and those who we collectively feel could be a great addition to our community. This is an opportunity for you to invite women in your network whom you feel would help build the future of Karma International.

Contact Karma if you are interested in additional information about W.O.K events. We would love to expand the amount of Karma Women in our ever-growing organization.

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We encourage Members and their Spouses / Significant Others to extend invitations to learn more about Karma Membership and its benefits to all exceptional lady guests and female individuals interested.

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