WENDY SALYERS  Co-Owner and President  Beauty N Brilliance    Karma Member Since:  January 2016

Co-Owner and President
Beauty N Brilliance

Karma Member Since: January 2016

WENDY SALYERS is an entrepreneur, born and raised in Southern California, who spent 11 years building her multi-million dollar manufacturing corporation in the Home Furnishings industry. Wendy is known for wearing many hats and handles her demands in family, business, and travel with a passionate and positive attitude.

Currently, she is gearing to launch her latest online project, Brilliance n Beauty, an online shopping experience where women can shop with confidence, be inspired, and connect with other like-minded women in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As a Co-Founder/Owner to the platform, Brilliance n Beauty is the business result of a passion and vision she shares with her Co-Founder, Pam Engstrom.

Through real conversations, educational content, and timeless, unique and practical products women can shop for, Brilliance n Beauty provides women everything they need to enhance and enrich their businesses, careers, leisure time, and life. The platform offers women a one-stop shop offering products that tell a story and features both brand named products along with BNB exclusive finds from other entrepreneurs. Product categories range from lifestyle, beauty, fitness, travel, business and home products. 

Wendy also is very active in her philanthropic projects with Unforgotten Faces, City of Hope, and the American Heart Association.

She joined Karma International to keep her inspired and to engage with like-minded individuals that continue to support and help each other ascend to the top of their game. She truly believes that Karma has helped her stay true to her potential and that "anything is possible."