RON BLACKBURN is a serial entrepreneur, founder, inventor, author, public speaker and CEO of several companies built around the Building Industry. Ron grew up in Orange County and has been a San Diego resident for over 20 years. Ron has a passion for connecting people, building relationships and giving back. He chairs 3 committees, sits on 2 boards for the San Diego Building Industry, is a board member for 18 non profit boards around the country and is an Honorary Sheriff for the San Diego Deputy Sheriffs Association. Within the Building Industry, Ron is a developer, sub-contractor, material supplier, safety product supplier, architect and consultant. When building high-end custom homes, Ron will procure products from around the world to create a truly unique and exquisite product at a price that is not possible using local resources. He handles all phases of building and has 40 years experience in the Industry. Ron is also the President of the Karma San Diego Chapter.