Robert Preoteasa, Karma Bucharest President

Robert is a tenacious entrepreneur immersed in the decentralization movement that blockchain technology has swept ashore over the past few years.

Currently, Robert is a Senior Associate at KrowdMentor, a strategic investment and advisory firm empowering blockchain investors, funds, startups and entrepreneurs to reach their liquidity goals.

Since October 2016, Robert is also the Executive Director of d10e, the leading conference on decentralization, blockchain and ICOs. The series of international events started in 2014 and the first eight editions where hosted is Amsterdam, Bucharest, San Francisco (four times), Singapore, and Tel Aviv.  

From February to August of 2017, Robert was responsible for business development at, a London-based FinTech app allowing people to send and receive money instantly on their mobile device, securely and free while chatting or during video calls with their friends. The venture raised $2.4 million from a dozen European angel investors and is currently gearing up for an ICO.

Previously, Robert was a Project Manager at Nichifor Consulting, a management consulting firm based in Bucharest, which operates in partnership with BM&T, a 20-year old London-based international turnaround, restructuring and business improvement consultancy firm. Previously, Robert was responsible for business development at Bookster, the first modern library for corporate clients in Romania. 

Since January of 2016, Robert is the President of the Bucharest Chapter of Karma International. Established in 2005, Karma is an exclusive private membership organization dedicated to connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals both socially and professionally. Robert was also instrumental in launching Karma’s first international chapter. Since 2013, Robert is an active member of Business Club, a community of young professionals passionate about entrepreneurship with a focus on pairing students with business leaders for mentoring and job training purposes.

Robert earned a degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Tourism from the Bucharest University for Economic Studies.