RAFAEL "RAFA" R. ALVAREZ is private security consultant, where he is a K-9 certified U.S. Coast Guard Maritime security specialist with a focus in protecting deep sea oil rigs and vessels internationally. Now a proud American citizen, Rafa was born in Mexico City, Mexico and was attending the United States Marine Military Academy when the tragedy of 9-11 occurred, which deeply affected him. As a result, Mr. Alvarez reaffirmed his allegiance to his country and began investing in himself to guard against any type of threat the nation might encounter. He became a certified Hostage Negotiator; Law Enforcement Tactical Instructor; and a qualified field armorer for M1911 handguns, AR15/M16 carbines, and Mossberg shotguns. Rafa will gain his international certification as an Anti-Terrorism Officer in August of 2017.

Mr. Alvarez's areas of expertise include surveillance detection, tracking, combatives, defensive edge weapons, tactics, breaching and crisis negotiation, as well as First Aid and CPR.

When not involved in these activities, Rafa’s hobbies include motorcycle and car racing, skydiving, and scuba diving. He has also completed his first solo flight as a private pilot. But more than any of these endeavors, Rafa enjoys being a "parent" to his constant companion, his beautiful and loyal German Shepherd Dog "Macy”.

Currently, Rafael Alvarez is the founding President of the Karma International Houston Chapter.