Nino Venturella, Karma San Diego Social Chair

Nino Venturella is the Premium Finance Director at Capital Crest Financial Group. Nino assists clients and advisors in the advanced financial planning market and most pointed - life insurance premium financing space. He works with advisors to create well-structured advanced wealth plans for their clients and connect them with lending institutions who can provide them the credit facility to fund their plan. He engages with every aspect from point-of-sale assistance with clients and agents, proprietary strategies and funding solutions, to the ever-important annual credit renewals and servicing. As Premium Finance Director at Capital Crest Financial Group, he has an acute understanding of business development, contract negotiations, and market dynamics of the financial industry. He assists each in house Advanced Planning project, bringing his expertise to structure and administer management of complex transactions. Nino also supports new lending partners across the country implement and manage Advanced Planning Divisions. 


As long time San Diego resident, Nino has built a large network of business relationships over his 15+ years in the wealth management and mortgage industry. Nino has a passion for organizing niche philanthropic events which led him to create the non-profit Cruise 4 Kids (C4K) in 2011. C4K’s mission is to raise money through their charity events to support and fund other kids and youth organizations on a local, state, federal, and global level. C4K is truly a non-profit meaning that the officers do not take a salary and dedicate their time and resources for free. C4K produces The Teddy Ball, The Bunny Ball, and Cruise 4 Kids Sports & Exotic Car Rally. Nino is also the Social Chairman for the San Diego Chapter.