KENJI KITA   Director of Infrastructure, United Healthcare      Outreach Chair, Karma Las Vegas Chapter


Director of Infrastructure, United Healthcare

Outreach Chair, Karma Las Vegas Chapter

Kenji Kita has spent the last 22 years excelling in the IT industry since graduating in 1996. His interest in computers stemmed way before his college education; throughout his childhood, he was always fascinated by computers and technology. As a child, a neighbor of Kenji's worked at Xerox, giving him the opportunity to play with the Xerox computer Star, one of the first operating systems to have a Graphical User Interface. In high school, Kenji continued to pursue his passion for technology on the yearbook committee and has been in front of a computer almost every day of his life since. 

His love for computers has brought him into many industries including marketing, automobiles, home entertainment, and finally, healthcare. Kenji is currently the Director of Infrastructure for the United Healthcare Nevada Market. At this high level of management, he is responsible for the two United Healthcare Data Centers located in Las Vegas.  

Outside of work, Kenji’s most beloved hobby is photography. His love for photography began back in 1987, when his father’s connections brought them to the Indianapolis 500. As an invited guest of one of the leading auto teams, Kenji was given all access to explore the garages, pits, and speedway. What he didn't realize that day, was how a photograph could freeze a point in time and capture an experience he would now be able to remember for the rest of his life. The day he developed the pictures from the race, his admiration of cars and photography merged, bringing Kenji to the realization of his passion for photography. For the next 25 years, Kenji concentrated on motorsport photography in Formula One, MotoGP, and Indycar. In the past 5 years, Kenji has transitioned his focus to shooting models and actors, giving him the opportunity to turn his once considered "passion project” into a side job.

While his position as the Director of Infrastructure remains with United Healthcare, Kenji’s entrepreneurial spirit has pushed him to turn his side business of photography into a thriving career, all made possible by the support and opportunities provided by his 2 years of Karma membership.