Kelle Mortensen   Real Estate      Co-Outreach Chair, Karma Orange County Chapter

Kelle Mortensen

Real Estate

Co-Outreach Chair, Karma Orange County Chapter

KELLE MORTENSEN was born, raised, and based in East Lansing, Michigan until the age of 27 when she decided to move to California to pursue her dreams. 

With no family or friends in California, it was an uphill battle as a single mom trying to make ends meet. She obtained a job in outside sales and became the top grossing sales person in the company bringing in over $15 million in billing a year for a $80 million per year grossing company in just 6 years.

In 2000, she started her own Real Estate Mortgage Lending company and grew that with her partner to over 100 branches and was eventually licensed in 26 states.  After the mortgage meltdown, she knew she had to diversify into the real estate side of the business and learn everything she could to have a better pulse on the market. 

In 2008, she got her Real Estate Brokers License so she would be able to work for herself in the real estate and lending side of the business and to have her own in-house escrow company. Over the last 17 years, she has taught herself everything residential-real estate related including staging homes, remodeling, and now moving on into a tech based real estate business. 

Since March of 2017, Kelle joined Karma International at a pivotal time in her life to make new long-lasting friendships and to gain business ideas from other like-minded entrepreneurs.  She is looking forward to what the future holds for her and the other amazing individuals she surrounds herself with.