ERIK DEBOIS is a Director Solution Specialist for Microsoft Education ‘US West’ – Specializing in modern productivity and Cloud/Edge computing where incredible technologies are rapidly developing, such as Artificial Intelligence. He can boast over 35 years in computing technology, certs from London School of Business, IEEE and the tech industry. Erik have developed applications for some of his very first CPM business workstations and built lasting relationships with businesses in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he grew up. He briefly explored Radio Broadcasting at the University of British Columbia but in 1999, he decided to move to Seattle, WA, and join their flying tech sector. Having lived in Seattle, Miami, Austin TX, and now, Las Vegas, he can safely say Vegas "rocks" the most, especially with him being involved in the Karma chapter! Erik is also an avid pop art collector and husband. He is currently the Social Chair at Karma Las Vegas Chapter.