ENRIQUE VELEZ, Karma Los Angeles Chapter Outreach Chair

Enrique Velez has been a great example of the true sense of Karma. His passion and continued participation in all areas of Karma demonstrates extraordinary dedication.

Enrique contributes to the growth of the chapter by serving as an active member on Karma Los Angeles’ Membership Committee and manages Karma Los Angeles’ Social Media. Enrique’s loyalty has been a part of his character in all areas of his life. He has 26 years of experience as a senior executive in sales & customer service. His passion for helping others has earned him numerous elite customer service awards.

Born and raised in Texas, Enrique is an avid Cowboys & Lakers fan. He believes that the best investment one can make is in his or her family. For those who have met him and his lovely wife Marlo, you will agree. His favorite charity is Wesimplygive.org. His giving nature towards his fellow Karma members includes inviting them to Laker games, Angel games and even rides on the Goodyear blimp as he is constantly wanting to enjoy fun and memorable experiences with fellow members. Velez says, “Karma is the next step up in life and in living it fuller, by enjoying it more and giving to others.”