Curtis Reichenfeld   Karma Member & Speaker

Curtis Reichenfeld
Karma Member & Speaker

Curtis Reichenfeld

P.E - Former Chief Technology Officer of Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions, a company driven by innovation, anchored in technology firsts from the Wright Brothers and Glenn Curtiss.

Recognized as a company that builds and deploys computer systems to ward off the bad guys and protect our war fighters, and before Arnold Schwarzenegger played an international spy in the movie, “True Lies”, Curtis was living the real thing. He was constantly traveling to places unknown, disappearing for weeks on end, and traveling to cities most of us cannot pronounce.  

Currently, Curtis spends most of his days focused on researching the most innovative and futuristic technologies, predicting the next technology disruption 30 years into the future and providing mitigation plans to assure our technology edge. He is dedicated to mentoring future generations of engineers and scientists to secure our planet's future. He attributes his success to focus on the following: living an exhilarating life, projecting positivity, never ending adventure and pure happiness. While this James Bond may not order a “martini shaken, not stirred”, he does have government clearance to rival any secret agent.