Barry J. Nadell, Karma Los Angeles Membership Chair

Barry J. Nadell as been a Karma Member since October 2013, when he found the Karma website trying to learn how he could come to that year’s Halloween party. After reading about the opportunity of meeting new friends who shared many of the same interests as he, he joined without knowing a sole.  He lives on the Ranch he built in 2001 in Chatsworth, CA with his 2 horses, 3 dogs and a bunch of barn cats.  Barry has been married and divorced twice and has two happily married kids (David and Ronnie Beth) and 4 grandson’s with whom he is very close.  He sold his national background screening company after 12 years of operation which he started from scratch borrowing on credit cards in 2006 and retired.  Having built his business speaking, writing, and being interviewed as an expert on the subject of the legal issues of background checks, a month after retiring, out of the blue he was contacted by an attorney who needed an expert witness on a case dealing with background checks.  Since, he has worked on more than 35 cases and counting.  A successful entrepreneur and Angel investor in several businesses and an investor in many commercial real estate projects (including owning 3 Starbucks); he finds time competing in a rodeo sport shooting 45’s at balloons from his horses, plays polo, plays tennis, snow ski’s, water ski’s, travels, and loves musical theatre, concerts, wine tasting, is a green belt in Krav Magah, and more.  Very active, Barry finds time to give back to charities (on the board of Ride On Therapeudic Horsemanship) and Karma who has become a very special and important part of his life and is this years’ Membership Chairman of the Los Angeles Chapter.  Along with Alberto Jimenez & Andy Berk, who he met at Karma, created the group Tertulias which has expanded throughout Karma.  At age 72 this past August, Barry has the energy of a 30 year-old and lives life to the fullest!