Founder & CEO at VIP Outdoor Media

Membership Chair of Karma San Diego Chapter

ALI HORUZ came to America in 2003 with $500 in his pocket and turned it into a multimillion-dollar business. 

Ali was not speaking any English when he came to US, he had strong entrepreneurial skills and a willingness to work hard. After working as a pedicab driver for two years, this skillset and mindset led to the development of VIP Outdoor Media, a business model he envisioned daily as he pedaled around the streets of San Diego. By 2005, Ali opened his own business.

He started with one pedicab, and by 2009, he had grown his business to where he was the largest pedicab outfit in San Diego. Today, Horuz is a staple at Comic-Con and all around the downtown San Diego area thanks to his ever-expanding fleet of eye-popping, custom-fabricated pedicabs.

His business has been featured on CNN and is the largest company of his kind in America. He continues to grow his multiple businesses and is an angel investor.